Part 2 of 5: Discovering Garmisch-Partenkirchen, continued: or, how a trip through the alimentary canal can lead you to heaven.

Bessy for cover

Meet Bessy, a cow roaming the meadows of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  Bessy lives the easy life.  Most days she chews grass and clover. The green stuff mixes with water, and travels through her four stomachs.  In the process green matter morphs into white milk.

Bessy gets tapped twice daily.  Milk turns into cream.  Add bacteria and you’ve got yummy yoghurt.  Churn cream and Voila! – butter for baking.  End result:  culinary delights (too many of which can speed your way to heaven) like Buttercream cake, Raiberdatschi with sour cream, or Strudel with whipped cream.

more cake
Hazelnut Butter cream Torte
Raiberdatschi with Lox and herbed sour cream

And there you are: pretty cows and decadent, artery clogging desserts, just two reasons to visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

You may not think that cows are special, but I can’t resist them.  In G-P there are plenty of the tan and brown variety, lazing, grazing, spattering lush green meadow canvases with liberal splashes of steaming cow patty paint.  I’m a sucker for long lashes and necks adorned by heavy-metal bells.  Although, I must admit, I’ll never see them the same way again.  Just last week I’ve had to rethink my view of that idyllic picture.


A Swiss study suggests that chimes incessantly clanging metallic noise near ears may not be ideal to bovine health, actually “…interfering with their feeding habits.”  Of course, like any topic open  to dissent, there were a few who “mooed” that theory. But last year I never gave cow well-being a thought.

One morning, while out strolling, I stumbled on a particularly outstanding in her field specimen.  There she stood: in a garden, beneath a tree.  She was glossy, fat, with a lustrous chocolate and white coat.   We stared, mesmerized by each other.

We’ll have no little fairies or gnomes here, Thank you very much. (A life-sized cow as garden ornament in Garmisch)

Gaping at cows not your idea of fun? Okay.

Let’s next explore some of G-P’s gustatory pleasures,  virtually guilt and angst free.

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