Part 3 of 5: Discovering Garmisch-Partenkirchen continued: Tips to sweetly while away the hour

In the garden of Cafe Thron

Cow gazing doesn’t quite set your heart aquiver? Pies, cakes, ice cream or java however can make you shudder and jump over the moon with joy? In that case, when you visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen take time to pop on over to one of the many oases where heavenly delights await.

In town, snuggled amidst mountain meadows or high on top of mountain peaks, G-P’s restaurants and cafes are ideal for people watching or recuperating from strenuous activities like souvenir shopping or gathering flowers.  Even energetic hikers or skiers drop knapsacks, walking sticks, poles and the odd dog or two to settle down and while away the hour.

DSC09437 DSC09440It’s a sure bet that, when I’m in town, most afternoons will find me pacing and agonizing in front of one or the other glass-encased displays that store too many tantalizing treats that manage to tease me.   Café Kroenner and Café Thron, with their enticing selections are two of my favorites. Once I’ve chosen my treat-du-jour, I settle in to savor the sensation and gratify the stomach-growling beast.

Cafe Kroenner, Garmisch-Partenkirchen


It’s my firm belief that whiling away an hour in a cafe is time well spent.  They are sanctuaries, offering peace, temporary pleasures and distractions from the everyday.  On cold days you’ll find yourself enveloped in comfort.  Tables are bedecked with clean, starched linens.  Comfortable chairs or banquettes help ease aching muscles.  Elegant or cozy decor and  unobtrusive sounds of soft conversations entwined with classical or folk music are backdrop.  All these provide a setting that serves to make your cares fade away.

In warmer seasons sit outdoors.  Rest, watch the world stroll by and treat yourself to old favorites.  Better yet, dare to try a new nosh like one of these.

Freiburg Scenes168Delicious, delightful, delectable — the selections are numerous.  There is a danger however.  Like the 60s Lays® potato chip commercial used to say: “betcha can’t eat just one.”

Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Did you notice that wet track on the glass? An unfortunate side-effect from drooling.

By now you’re probably wondering if all I do is eat or think about cows and eating.  And the answer is:

Yes and no.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I think (a lot) about where the next decadent pastry/dessert will come from: La Madeleine’s (luscious Lemon tarts leave me in a swoon in Old Town Alexandria, VA), Hollin Hall Pastry Shop (Vanilla Bavarians are sweet ecstasy), or from my own collection of recipes. But a girl can’t live off pastries alone, or very long; if you get my meaning.  And so, to stave off a severely fun-inhibiting, no-longer-able-to-eat-cake health crisis I also ruminate about: Strenuous hiking!

So gear up!  Pack your lederhosen. Dig out those well-worn boots from the recesses of your closet and dust off the walking sticks.  It’s time to go hiking in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  You never know what surprises you’ll trip over.


One thought on “Part 3 of 5: Discovering Garmisch-Partenkirchen continued: Tips to sweetly while away the hour

  1. “By now you’re probably wondering if all I do is eat or think about cows and eating.”

    Did you hear me laugh out loud? I’m loving reading these 5 parts because now I could relate.

    Garmisch – so glad…so so glad you guided us here.


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