Stumbling my way through the mists of time. Or: It’s a wee wet, windy and wobbly walking among the ancients — black houses, brochs and standing stones of the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

A pleasant scent - moist and earthy - signaled that peat was burning. A marker depicted an interior. Despite the homely scene - smiling occupants - I wasn't convinced that living in such circumstances was as lovely as it would have us believe.

Through wind and rain, over hills, valleys, shingle and sand: Tales of a walking holiday in the Outer Hebrides

Ripples of turquoise waves, edged with white froth, rolled onto a broad expanse of empty, white sand. Wisps of white clouds streaked a vivid blue sky. In the background, rolling hills lay in gray-green shadow. Long ago, it was this picture that first alerted me to the presence of the Outer Hebrides, islands of the north-west coast of Scotland.

Cotswolds Sojourns

Weeping Willows, branches trailing in the gentle current of the clear river Coln; birds flittered and twittered between leafy boughs; the meadow, lush and wet, was a carpet of clover, forget-me-nots and dandelions; yellow daffodils and primroses in lavender, red, white and yellow adorned pots and  borders  fronting  dark, honey-colored stone cottages. 

Stepping Back in Time in York, England

Bye Bye woolly ramblers.  So long Mr. Stud. We all had a touch of the blues having to say Farewell so soon to sheep-studded fells, massive bulls and other rustic delights of the Lake District.  Luckily, the vacation wasn’t over. Next on the agenda: a visit to a northern England town long on history --York. …

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Haunting Fort Monroe

History--military, Civil War, slavery; a functioning lighthouse; mile-long views of the Chesapeake; a luxury retirement community housed in the Chamberlin, a once stately hotel--all attractions that draw visitors to Fort Monroe, Virginia.   For me the pull is personal.  It was home, my first in the United States.  I took baby steps into the working world …

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Captivated by one of Connecticut’s Lesser-Known Retreats: Harkness Memorial Park

The description promised “…panoramic views of Long Island Sound….seaside acres of sweeping lawns…stately trees and spectacular gardens.”  I’m a sucker for any place that promises sea, sand and cooling breezes in hottest summer.  Top that with a chance to stretch not only legs but my imagination, wondering while wandering what life was like in days …

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